YRC Partners is a Rhode Island, USA based company formed to promote sponsored yacht racing & yacht racing charter events in the United States. In August of 2003, YRC Partners purchased a Xcelsior, meaning "Ever Upward".

Xcelsior, an IMX-45, is the largest racing yacht produced by X-Yachts and was previously sponsored by Mitsubishi Motors. This particular yacht was purchased because of its winning potential which translates into significant exposure for sponsors in any event.

2012 Vineyard Race Win

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Xcelsior can be optimized for either IRC or ORR. The IRC configuration included a carbon penalty pole and large mast head spinnakers. Races like the Newport Bermuda are typically a forward of the beam race, the smaller pole and fractional spinnakers provides a better rating for on the breeze conditions.

Xcelsior's interior has decked out for offshore racing and includes the ability to sleep 5 on the high side. In additional Xcelsior offers state of the art electronics including B&G 3000, Expedition navigation software and a satellite telephone with unlimited minutes for both voice and data.

The IMX-45 hull is built for light wind on the breeze racing. Previous victories include the 2006 Bermuda Race where both sister ship's Cybele and Temptress had podium finishes. (Temptress was the overall winner in the Pro Division)

Check out the story of Xcelsior's 2012 Vineyard race in Sailing World. www.sailingworld.com/blogs/racing/almost-perfect